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Thompson Lightning Protection is a fully integrated lightning protection system provider.

  • We manufacture our own UL listed and approved components.
  • We have the capacity to custom manufacture material components to satisfy any unique or “one-off” specialty application.
  • We have the staff and expertise to design systems for any type of structure or facility.
  • We have our own in house installation crews that can install systems anywhere in the country.
  • We have a nationwide network of factory representatives and affiliated dealer contractors who can work with you directly in your local area.
Industrial/Commercial LIghtning Protection

Industrial/Commercial Lightning Protection Systems

And Class II Buildings (Over 75’ Tall)

The same major groups of components are used to install lightning protection systems on industrial, commercial, and government facilities and structures as are used on residential systems.

Residential & Light Commercial Lightning Protection Systems

Residential & Light Commercial Lightning Protection Systems

Class I – buildings under 75’ tall

Learn about the five basic elements in a lightning protection system for a residential or light commercial building.

Government Lightning Protection Systems

Government Design & installation

We at Thompson Lightning Protection have a long history of working well with a wide variety of government agencies to satisfy their unique lightning protection requirements.

Custom Design Lightning Protection Systems

Custom Part Component Design

Thompson Lightning Protection has the ability and facilities to custom fabricate and produce any new or special component that may be required to meet a unique system design or installation application.


Thompson Lightning Protection is proud of the expertise we can offer in all areas of lightning protection.