Thompson Lightning Protection is proud of the expertise we can offer in all areas of lightning protection.


Thompson Lightning Protection field personnel are all Lightning Protection Institute tested and certified as either Journeymen or Master Installers.

Design & Supervision

All Thompson Lightning Protection system designers are Lightning Protection Institute tested and certified as Master Installers or Master Installer Designers.

Code Provision

Thompson has representatives on both the NFPA 780 Lightning Protection Code Committee and on the UL Standards Technical Panel. These are the groups that develop the Lightning Protection Codes and Standards for both material and system installation.

System Certification

Thompson Lightning Protection can supply all required or specified full system certifications that may be required. These include:

  1. LPI System Certification
  2. Compliance with military, U.A., GSA, and other government agency criteria.
  3. UL or other N.R.T.L. certifications.