Surge Protection



1.) The power quality industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  People spend billions on power quality equipment because it is less expensive than tens of billions in equipment losses.

 2.) Lightning is a well known phenomenon.  Equipment losses and resulting downtime should be obvious.  There are reasons why many underwriters offer insurance discounts for lightning protection systems that are UL 96A Compliant.

 3.) Surges are generated every time a motor or capacitor is turned on, or off. 

This is a function of physics and mathematics that cannot be side-stepped. 

 4.) Surges have existed forever, but have not been too big of a problem until the advent of microelectronics.  Microelectronics hate surges because the momentary over-voltages puncture or degrade tiny internal electronic junctions.  This is known as electronic rust, in that it degrades equipment. 

 5.) Surge related problems will not go away before microelectronics do.  Most people recognize that they are adding microelectronics, not removing them.  This is an escalating situation.

 6.) Surges are also caused by utility related issues such as switching.  Switching will become much more prevalent with the advent of Smart Grid, utility deregulation, generators, etc.  Again, this problem will get  worse before it gets better.

 7.) Like the old oil filter commercials, surges are a ‘Pay Me Now, or Pay Me Later’ situation.  Surges happen and the consequences can be significant.

 We would welcome the opportunity to assist you in determining the most cost effective approach.  Not to mention, that first loss could have been avoided.

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