Bimetal Cable Holders


165T Cable Loop

1/2" wide copper loop similar to No. 166. Specially plated for bimetal use. Mounting holes are for…

Class 1 Class 2

166T Cable Loop

5/8" wide copper cable support loop for use with all main size cables through No. 506. Specially…

Class 1 Class 2

166XXT Cable Loop

1" wide copper loop with 1/4" mounting holes for all cables through No. 506. Specially plated for…

Class 1 Class 2

186XT Cable Holder

Heavy duty cast bronze adhesive cable holder with copper clip and stainless steel machine screw.…

Class 1 Class 2

188MT Cable Support

Wrap-around strap and clip cable support, specially plated for bimetallic use, for securing cables…

Class 1 Class 2

730T Cable Holder

Stamped cable holder secured with adhesive on flat roofs. The rolled edge and break-away tabs are…

Class 1 Class 2