Bonding Clamp Bronze Full Size


142HD Bonding Clamp

Larger version of our standard flat metal bonding clamp which exceeds the 3 square inch contact area…

Class 1 Class 2

240 Bonding Clamp

Cast bronze pipe bonding clamp with bimetal plating to prevent corrosion. This clamp accepts cables…

Class 1 Class 2

240X Bonding Clamp

Larger version of No. 240 cast bronze pipe bonding clamp that will accept piping up to 2 1/4" O.D.…

Class 1 Class 2

241M Ground Clamp

This water line ground clamp is installed directly on the sill cock threads. Comes complete with…

Class 1

706RDC Bonding Clamp

Combination cable support and bonding clamp with a 5/8" clearance hole. Developed for use on bolted…

Class 1 Class 2